Core Range

Button Mushrooms

Our breaded Mushroom products are uncompromisingly designed for the caterer and are quick frozen for convenience. Our unique sizing and grading systems provide efficient portion control for greater profit and are ready for the plate within minutes, saving you time and money.


We use slightly larger fresh mushrooms for maximum flavour and enjoyment. Three flavours; Garlic, Cajun and Crispy are coated in light eating breadcrumbs and packaged in convenient formats from 450g to Kilo bags.

We also provide alternative coatings and highlights to larger volume customers, and can offer portion packs tailored to suit requirements. These are ideal served as a starter with a crisp garnish and accompanied by a tangy dip.




Mushroom Dippers

Mushroom Dippers are prepared from fresh, chunky slices of large flat mushrooms, dipped in batter and coated in a home-style seasoned breading; Crispy, Garlic or Cajun flavours.

Our flavoursome Dippers can be utilised in any foodservice outlet to create an exceptionally innovative appetizer, or main course accompaniment, which is effortless to prepare and sure to please. Packed in convenient kilo bags, eight kilos per case.

Offers an interesting new variation on the breaded mushroom theme to keep your customers happy, but freshen your menu.

Stuffed Sweet Cherry Pepper

One bite and your customers will be hooked. And who can blame them? These tasty sweet cherry peppers stuffed with garlic & herb cream cheese all crammed into a crunchy, savoury breadcrumb shell. For great taste and returns these little sweethearts are ‘menu-movers’.


Cooking in the fryer from frozen for only 4 minutes at 190 degrees and packed in 3 x 1kg cases these are great additions to your menu.

Stuffed Jalapeno Pepper

The finest authentic tangy green jalapeno halves stuffed to the max with smooth cream cheese and coated in a tortilla breadcrumb.


These are mouth-watering sharers or snacks and are suitable for vegetarians and nut allergy sufferers.


They cook in the fryer from frozen for 4 minutes at 180 degrees and are supplied in manageable 6 x 1kg cases.

Baby Camembert Rounds

Baby Camembert Rounds are individual mature rounds encapsulated in a toasted breadcrumb coating, which adds an edge of difference to any menu, serve with a warmed mixed leaf salad and pineapple marmalade. Product cooks in the fryer from frozen in 5 minutes and never leaks!

 Breaded Brie Wedges

Chunky Brie wedges in a lightly seasoned coating are a favourite starter product which is easy to prepare. Deep-fry from frozen in just 4 minutes and give an excellent contrast by serving with a hot mango sauce or cool salsa.

Mozzarella Grissini Sticks

4 inch sticks of real mozzarella coated in a rustic parsley breadcrumb coating, these are ideal for dipping and sharing.


Guaranteed not to burst! These cook in the fryer for only 2 minutes at 180 degrees and are available in 6 x 1kg cases.

Premium Sage & Onion Stuffing Balls

A moreish and rustic spherically shaped Sage & Onion flavoured ball ideal for your Sunday Roast!


Cooked from frozen in the fryer at 190 degrees for 4 minutes these are packed in manageable 4 x 1kg cases.