New Products


   Sweet Potato Crunchies

   Chunks of delicious sweet potato coated in a Rosemary

   and Thyme herb infused flour.

   A perfect accompaniment to main meals.


   Benefitting from a dual cook functionality and excellent heat

   retention these are perfect for the busy kitchen - sweet

   potato ready to cook straight from the bag!


   Totally unique in UK foodservice these morsels of delicious

   sweet potato can be enjoyed hot or cold

   and are suitable for vegetarians.


    Deep fry from frozen at 180°C for 4 minutes
    Oven Bake from frozen 190°C for 10 minutes 

    Pack Size: 6 x 1.25kg





Haggis_TweedsHaggis Tweeds


Award-winning, Ramsay of Carluke haggis in a jaggy jacket of crunchy breadcrumbs.

Made to a 150 year old family recipe using the finest natural ingredients, Ramsay haggis has a light texture with a warm peppery after-taste.


At around 25g each, 3 pieces would make an ideal starter when served with a traditional whisky cream sauce on the side and some crisp salad to garnish.


These hearty Caledonian bites are also great to share as part of a platter or in a sharing pot with dips on the side.


Pack Size: 4 x 1kg


Black Pudding & Bramley Apple FritterBlack Pudding & Bramley Apple Fritter

Award winning Ramsay Of Carluke black pudding with bramley apple coated in a rustic home-style breadcrumb coating. Ramsay black pudding is renowned for its mouth watering flavour. Coupled with the delicate flavour of bramley apple these are sure to be a favourite on your menu.


At around 35g each, these tasty fritters are ideal as a starter, light bite or as part of a sharing platter.


Excellent food provenance from an award winning producer.


Deep Fry from frozen at 180⁰C for 4 minutes.


Pack size 4 x 1kg.








Jalapeno--Red-Pepper-Moz-StickJalapeno and Red Pepper Mozzarella Sticks


A spicy twist on our very popular mozzarella sticks – these are infused with tangy jalapeno and red pepper pieces.

Guaranteed not to burst in the fryer! These cook in the fryer for only 2 minutes at 180 degrees and are available in 6 x 1kg cases.
















Mac_n_Cheese_BitesMac n Cheese Bites

Pieces of elbow pasta combined with delicious mature cheddar cheese sauce all wrapped up in rice flaked breadcrumbs. Macaroni Cheese like you’ve never tasted before!

A quick and easy-to-prepare twist on a classic with versatile menu positioning. Ideal for Children’s menu and perfect as a starter, sharer or dipper!

Deep fry from frozen at 180 degrees for 4 minutes.
6 x 1kg case.













CodfatherThe Codfather of Fishfingers - Giant Cod Fillet Fish Finger

A giant piece of delicious cod coated in crunchy breadcrumbs – the new way to enjoy cod! Ideally placed as an alternative addition to fish and chip shop menus.

Cooks from frozen in the fryer for 7 minutes at 180 degrees.